Rolawn Landscaping Bark 10% Discount

November is an excellent time to get shrub beds, flowerbeds and soft-landscaped areas looking tidy before winter.

Rolawn Landscaping Bark is the perfect way to give your beds a sharp, RHS-style makeover with it’s deep, dark colour and excellent mulching properties.

A byproduct of the forestry industry, this fabulous stuff is made from the bark of mixed conifers, giving it a slightly acidic pH of 4-6.

This makes it excellent for use in woodland borders where you might be growing rhododendrons but is also fine for use in standard mixed shrub borders.

From the 8th November 2011  to 21 November 2011, Rolawn have a special discount code which will get you 10% off the cost of their Landscaping Bark.

Simply enter bark811 into the coupon box in their checkout, to get the discount.

The great thing about Rolawn (when compared to your local soil/turf/bark supplier) is that their products are of extremely high quality and consistency – you won’t find you’ve imported a load of weed seeds into your garden!

With delivery nationwide in volumes from 60 litre bags to 83 cubic metre lorry loads you can get your materials whenever and wherever you want them.

Large Hardwood Dining Set

You know how annoying it is when you invite some friends over for a barbecue and they bring some unexpected extra guests?

You just wish you’d had an expanding table.

Well here’s the answer:

This large hardwood dining set seats 10 and comes with a 220cm long, 100cm wide table which will extend to 3 metres!

The set is supplied with 2 Sussex armchairs and 8 Sussex dining chairs, each with custom fit cushions.

All of the chairs and the table are FSC teak and built to such a high standard, that the whole set has a 10 year guarantee!

This is one of those purchases that hurts a little when you buy it but then repays the investment for many years to come.

Available now at £3235 with FREE UK Mainland delivery (price correct 4th November 2011), this is one of the best outdoor dining sets on the market.

Round Hardwood Dining Set

It’s amazing just how useful a round garden table can be.

You can fit so many more people around the table than with a rectangular table – it’s something mathematical to do with angles (yawn…)

Anyway, this round hardwood dining set comes with 8 chairs and is just 6 feet (180cms) across and I think you’ll agree, looks very fine indeed!

The table comes with a lazy susan as standard and of course has a whole in the centre for a parasol.

At the moment (4th November 2011) this is on sale for just £687.50 including FREE DELIVERY (usual price £1100) so snap it up now before Spring when prices and demand go up.

Teak Garden Bench Seat

I’ve been looking for a really good, high quality teak garden bench seat at the right price, for what seems ages.

Well I’ve now found one and here it is:

Called the Dublin, I love the simplicity, the sturdiness and of course that wonderful teak colour which will fade to a gorgeous silver grey – the type of bench seat you see in the gardens of “proper houses”.

What’s even better is that this bench comes with a made to measure ecru coloured cushion included in the price.

Sized to seat 2 people in comfort, the dimensions are:

  • L150 x H91cm (4’9″ x 2’10″)
  • Seat Height: 44cm (1’4″)

This lovely bench is just £279.71 including VAT and FREE UK Mainland Delivery! (price correct 4th November 2011).

Hardwood Picnic Bench

So many of the picnic benches you see online and in the garden centres are made from pressure treated pine.

This is all well and good, but we all know that you can’t beat proper hardwood for durability, weight and let’s face it, quality.

This hardwood picnic bench demonstrates all of the qualities you’d expect.

Here are the dimensions:

  • 180 x 160 x H75cm (5’9″ x 5’2″ x 2’5″)
  • Table Top: 200 x 76.5cm (6’6″ x 2’5″)
  • Wood thickness top and seat: 3.5cm

As you can see, the bench and table top are a substantial 35mm thick – this bench will last for years.

Oil it each year or leave it go silvery grey – it’s up to you.
At just £292.69 including VAT and FREE DELIVERY (price correct 27th March 2012), you won’t have to buy another one for many years.

Up To 60% Off Garden Furniture At Argos!

Argos have an amazing sale on at the moment – up to 60% off garden furniture.

This offer is valid until 31st May 2011 so you should be just in time for the excellent weather we’ll of course experience this summer ;-)

Here’s an example of what they have on offer:

Wicker effect seating from Argos

You get 2 wicker effect armchairs, a round table and the cushions for just £199 – the normal price is £399!

Check out their other deals here>>

Einhell BG-MT 3360-LD Petrol Tiller / Cultivator

The Einhell BG-MT 3360-LD Petrol Tiller Cultivator is another in the great line of rotovators from this high quality German manufacturer.

Perfect for those of you with medium to large sized vegetable plots or allotments, the Einhell BG-MT 3360-LD Petrol Cultivator comes with a set of six hardened-steel cultivator blades which make light work of heavy clay soils.

There’s a very powerful 163 cc, 6 horsepower petrol engine which is durable, fuel efficient and best of all quiet in operation.

With adjustable handles and a fold away front wheel, this cultivator is easy to store and comfortable to use.

Safety hasn’t been forgotten either and a dead man’s handle will stop the blades as soon as you let go of the lever.

If you’re looking for maximum work rate at the minimal cost, this is the tool for you.

The Einhell BG-MT 3360-LD Petrol Cultivator is on special offer at just £319.95 (price valid on 9th February 2011) – a saving of £200!

Centurion MZ Windy Vac – Garden Vacuum

The leaves have started falling in my garden and as the frosts start coming in, there will be an increasing avalanche of leaves falling on the lawns and flower beds.

Raking the leaf fall by hand is a nightmare of a job and many gardeners turn to their trusty leaf blowers and garden vacuums.

This spectacular offer on the Centurion MZ Windy Vac wheeled garden vacuum is just too good to miss.

For just £369 (price valid on 18th September 2010) it’s an absolute steal and if you use the voucher code MowDirect20 when you check out, you’ll get an extra £20 off!

The Windy Vac features a 76cm operating width and a large capacity 250 litre collection bag.

A 4hp Briggs & Stratton petrol engine with recoil start gives immense suction power and superb reliability – this is a garden tool you’ll keep for years and years.

It comes with a 12 month warranty and free delivery so order yours now!

Fire Pits For Frosty Evenings – Blaze 65

As the nights draw in and the evenings get chilly, there’s really no reason to abandon outdoor living if you have a fire pit.

Firepits are fabulous for many reasons but the best is that you can keep yourself warm outside burning environmentally friendly logs.

Great for taking camping, you can fire up the pit with barbecue charcoal to cook your meals and then add logs to the charcoal to turn the pit into a heat source once you’ve finished eating.

This Blaze 65 fire pit is 48cm high, 70cm wide and weighs 11kg.

It’s made out of spun steel and chrome and best of all, comes with a 2 year warranty!

On offer for just £69.99 until Sunday 19th September 2010 – get yours ordered up right now!

Blagdon Pond Monsta Vacuum System

As autumn approaches, pond owners face the annual chore of keeping their ponds free of leaves.

Leaves will poison a pond as they decompose and so it’s important to get as many out as possible.

The excellent Blagdon Pond Monsta Vacuum System allows you to filter out everyting over 2mm thick while returning the filtered pond water back into the pond.

This is an essential bit of kit for anyone sick of scooping out leaves by hand and is on offer right now for just £149.99.

Goodbye Blanketweed Pond Cleaner

Blanketweed is an absolute curse for those of us with ponds.

It starves the pond of light and looks unsightly so this product promises an easy solution.

Many solutions on the market involvr the use of filters and therefore an electricity supply to your pond. Some of us don’t have this luxury and so an additive of some sort is needed.

Goodbye Blanketweed by Nishikoi is a patented 8 week treatment for a pond up to 4500 Litres (1000 gallon).

It uses harmles bacteria dn enzymes which devour the food that blanketweed needs to survive.

According to Nishikoi;

This treatment also contains Activated Barley Straw which works in conjunction with the bacteria, accelerating the blanket weed clearing process.

Goodbye Blanketweed is supplied as a tub of 8 water soluble sachets.

Each sachet is enough for a pond up to 4500 litres/1000 gallons.

All you have to do is  drop one sachet into your pond each week for eight weeks to keep it clear and healthy.

It’s on discount at Pondkeeper as at 7th May 2010 – just £14.99 + delivery.

Einhell BG-MT 3336 Petrol Mini Tiller

We’re getting to the point in the year now where it’s time to start preparing vegetable and flower beds for the new growing season.

Digging, especially double digging, can be back breaking work and so this offer could be just what the doctor ordered.

The Einhell BG_MT 3336  Single-Speed Petrol Mini-Tiller has a high-performance 4.5hp 4-stroke engine, so it’s quieter, cleaner and more fuel-efficient than a comparable two-stroke machine.

With a working-width of 36cm, this tiller/rotovator is small enough to nip between vegetable rows or flowerbeds and yet with its four 26cm tines, it’s robust enough to allow you to cope with the most difficult soil-types.

This excellent tool includes a height-adjustable depth-skid, allowing you to make changes to the tilling-depth (max. 23cm); a single-speed power drive for effortless manoeuvrability and a dead-man’s handle, to stop the tines the moment it is released.

The Einhell Mini-Tiller has a tank capacity of 2.3l and weighs 33.9kg. A transport wheel is supplied.

A fabulous 2 year manufacturer’s warranty is also included.

Polanter – Sends Hanging Baskets Down The Tube

How about this for a great new invention – the Polanter.

You know how you sometimes get a bare spot on your hanging baskets when the trailing plants don’t quite grow as you’d like?

You know how miserable your hanging baskets can look in winter?

You know what a pain it is keeping your hanging baskets watered?

Well here’s a fab solution to the problem.

The Polanter comes in kit form and includes an integrated watering/feed system which connects to a standard garden hose attachment.

You can buy it in different lengths and with different numbers of holes – you simply screw it to a wall or post and you end up with a fabulous column of pure colour.

Made in the UK from durable plastic and available in a choice of eight colours: blue, bright green, pink, lavender, black, white, terracotta and dark green, the Polanter’s ideal for the gardening novice.

Click below for more info.

Victorian Style Garden Cloche

I’m a real sucker for traditional garden kit and this Victorian-style garden cloche falls into exactly this category.

You can just imagine a few of these kicking around the walled kitchen garden of a stately home somewhere, with a Monty Don style gardener, booted and braced, fondling his tender perennials.

This is a replica of the original 18th and 19th century cloches, and is built in the same way – cast iron and fully glazed.

The glass is held in place with putty and the resins within this discolour the paint in a very authentic way.

So why might you need a cloche?

Well, it acts like a mini greenhouse.

You can raise seedlings in it, harden off cuttings, protect tender plants from frost and by turning the lid, you can vary the ventilation.

A very versatile tool indeed.

One of these garden cloches usually costs £129.99 but Crocus have them right now at £99.99 so hurry up and click the button below to get yours ordered up.

Wooden Cold Frame Offer

Simply the best way to harden off tender plants, propagate seedlings and jump start your gardening year, a wooden cold frame is a vital addition to any garden.

This solid timber framed cold frame gives a growing area of 100cm (3’3″) in length by 65cm (2’1″) wide – plenty of room for a good number of plants to get started, in fact, just right for 6 standard seed trays!

By using polycarbonate glazing instead of glass, this cold frame has these benefits:

  • the glazing is shatterproof and therefore safe where children or animals might play
  • the glazing is lightweight and so it’s easy for you to lift the lid
  • the polycarbonate diffuses the light getting through to your plants so that they don’t get scorched on a sunny day
  • being twin-walled, the polycarbonate insulates your plants too, protecting them from harsh winds and late frosts

You need to site the coldframe in a sheltered spot, out of strong winds.

Make sure to postion the cold frame in good light but not where it’s going to get prolonged strong sunlight.

If the cold frame is going to be placed on soft ground, it’s a good idea to anchor it with pegs – for hard ground, screwing it into a concrete base is a good idea.

It’s the time of year where demand for cold frames increases, so get yours now before they’re sold out!